Acanto – Primitivo






Denomination: Primitivo Puglia PGI

Type: Red wine

Grape variety: Primitivo

Cultivation system: espalier

Vinification: the grapes, harvested at the right point of ripeness, are de-stemmed, pressed and conveyed to the winemakers. Here the must follows a temperature-controlled fermentation of about 6-8 days with continuous pumping over and punching down for at least the first two-thirds of the fermentation.

Colour: intense red with violet hues.

On the nose: it releases wide and fruity aromas reminiscent of red-berried fruits, plums, cherries and morello cherries.

On the palate: it is structured, intense but with an excellent balance, warm and enveloping.

Food pairings: it is best expressed with red meats and roasts but also pleasantly accompanies aged cheeses, dry pasta or topped with cream and béchamel.

ABV: 13.5%

Serving temperature: 18-20° C

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