Ninì- Susumaniello


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Denomination: Susumaniello Puglia PGI

Type: Red wine

Grape variety: Susumaniello

Cultivation system: espalier and spurred cordon

Vinification: the grapes are de-stemmed, delicately pressed, conditioned and conveyed into the fermenters. These stainless steel tanks are equipped with a refrigeration pocket that lets you monitor the wort’s temperature. Controlled fermentation lets you obtain high-quality products without the risk of alterations that would negatively affect the organoleptic characteristics of the product.

Colour: intense red.

On the nose: it releases a wide range of aromas, red-berried fruits and spicy notes.

On the palate: it is full-bodied and very persistent.

Food pairings: it goes well with cheeses, cured meats and grilled meats and first courses with sauce.

ABV: 14%

Serving temperature: 18-20° C

Tidbit: the name of this ancient vine recalls the name of the donkey (in the Apulian dialect “somaro“) because it indicates the high productivity of the plant rich in clusters “like a donkey“.

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